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Lorrie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and is currently employed as the Victim Services Coordinator for the Natrona County Sheriffs Office in Casper Wyoming. She has been involved in several different careers in law enforcement for over 20 years. Her last 11 years have been spent in the victim services field.  

Lorrie developed and published a threat assessment program that is instrumental in several counties in Wyoming and some areas of Utah as they consider protection orders being filed for family violence and stalking. She has also published a book, Stop Making it Worse, about the current state of victim services.  She has been instrumental in educating the School District in Natrona County on school safety and threat assessments for school violence. She is a 2006 graduate of Gavin DeBecker and Associates Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy in Lake Arrowhead, California and is certified as a threat assessment specialist. Lorrie holds a certification from the National Center for Crisis Management as being a Board Certified Emergency Crisis Responder and is a Professional member of that association.  She has several publications on Amazon.

Lorrie is certified through the Mediation Training Institute  (MTI) as a Mediator and mediation trainer and preforms mediations for businesses and personal situations needing mediation to help solve interpersonal issues in the workplace or civil discrepancies.

She regularly hosts a 40 hour victim services academy in Casper and several threat assessment seminars and critical incident classes for students from around the state, and surrounding states. She has been educating Police Dispatchers and Law Enforcement Officers in the areas of Critical incident Stress and Domestic Violence Dynamics for the last seven years. She has been chosen to educate four different times at the NOVA Convention (National Organization for Victim Assistance).

Lorrie is currently a Police Officers Standards Training (POST) Certified Trainer for the State of Wyoming in areas of Domestic Violence, Threat Assessment, Critical Incident Stress, Victim Services, Crisis Intervention, Search and Rescue Management Systems and Search and Rescue Fundamentals. As well as working with Law Enforcement in her daily job, she volunteered for the Wyoming Search and Rescue Association as their K9 Chair for many years and currently certifies dogs from around the state and other states. She wrote the current and only Statewide Search Dog Standards in Wyoming and they were approved by the Wyoming Sheriffs Association and the Wyoming Search and Rescue Council. She iwas on the Wyoming State Search and Rescue’s Training Cadre and still hosts a 40 hour academy each year for search dogs and their handlers, certifies search dogs from around the state and other states and teaches Incident Command Systems (ICS), navigation, scent theory, search theory and lost person behavior. She is a Lead Evaluator for the National Search and Rescue Association (NASAR) and has helped in certifying over 600 Wyoming search and rescue volunteers to date.  She is also an instructor for NASAR in managing the lost person incident and FUNSAR (fundamentals of Search and Rescue).  Lorrie is also a certified Wellness Counselor/Life coach through the Hawaii Wellness Institute, practicing the concepts taught there in Untherapy.



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Lorrie has done training 4 times for the National Organization of Victims Assistance  and each time she gets fabulous reviews.  Here's some examples from attendees:  

"Best training I've received so far. Lorrie was down to earth and funny, while providing a "wow factor" to keep our attention active".

"Fantastic presenter, very knowledgeable. track is completely applicable". 

"I loved this session. Continue to have at NOVA conferences. Speaker was super. Definitely a true learning experience. Thanks for keeping the discussion real and funny."

"Even though this is a serious topic she made it enjoyable. Really learned some stuff I can take back with me. Also gives me a better and different perspective on DV victims."

My favorite speaker by far!! so much knowledge and extremely helpful. something that I can use to help my victims! also hilarious, made the time pass by quickly.

"Fantastic. Helpful. Informative. Gained applicable knowledge and tools to use immediately." 

Great personality! Relates with the audience well!  

Lorrie has a great sense of humor, great facilitator. Thanks for sharing the rules and challenging us to make a change the punishment to fit the crime.

"Presenter was very knowledgeable. Personality was even more phenomenal and was the right fit for this presentation."

"Speaker was very down to earth and passionate about victims. The presentation helped me understand my victims better. Great workshop!"

"Speaker was very engaged, informative and entertaining."

"Thank you thank you thank you!! Wow! What a different out look I now have on protective orders."

The presenter was amazing! would attend her class again."