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Building your Victim Response Unit

  • Writing an effective MOU
  • Writing policy and procedures for your Unit
  • First Responder Report Writing
  • The application process, background investigation and interviewing of new applicants
  • Working with law enforcement for agencies not affiliated with LE
  • Educating our victims, managing victim fear

These workshops are offered to agencies to create better units, build stronger relationships with other agencies such as law enforcement, and help produce better documentation and preparation to be an effective victim response unit. A typical workshop will take two days.

You will receive comprehensive materials to produce all of the documents you will need to create a response unit and maintain one with a heavy influence on working better with Law enforcement. Any agency that has tried and failed or struggled to maintain a good working relationship with law enforcement for the good of the victim will understand this is a needed connection in your field of service.

Doing what most of America has been doing to manage victim fear and trying to change statistics with no success for so many years has created a need to do something different. Are you ready to change statistics and victims lives? We can show you how and give you the tools that are making a real difference today.  ‚Äč